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Moon Festival (Jeongwol Daeboreum, Sangju Area)

The people of Sangju Village host the Moon Festival on January 15th of the lunar calendar every year at the beach. When the moon comes up, the festival starts with a ritual of praying for big catch, which is followed by the “daljip burning” event in which every participant burn their written wishes in the daljip, which literally means the “moon house” in Korean, and circles around it to pray. The Moon Festival is organized by the residents of Sangju-myeon who wanted to preserve the tradition. At 10:00am on the Full Moon Day, the members of Sangju Megupae start the “Jisin Bapgi” ritual. At 6:00pm on the same day, people gather again to pray for the well-being of the local residents and proceed to participate in a number of events such as samul nori (Korean traditional percussion quartet), Korean classical music concert, seesaw jumping, and folk music concert before sunset. The main event, “Daljip Taeugi”, is held after sundown. “Daljip Taeugi” literally means “burning moon house” in Korean. The main event is followed by fireworks and candle march as well as “jwibul nori”, a folk play in which people burn parts of their farm to get rid of mice. This tradition is rarely observed in other regions nowadays.