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Gohyeondong Hyangyak Reproduction
  • Address Chilbo-myeon, Jeongeup Si, Jeollabuk-Do
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In 1475 (6th year under the reign of King Seongjong in the Joseon Dynasty), a scholar named Jeong Geuk-in with the pseudonym Buluheon announced the ‘Taeingo-hyeon Hyangyak’ in Taein-hyeon Hyeon-nae (Chilbo), Jeolla-do to educate the local farmers.
It’s the first hyangyak (code of conduct for villagers) implemented Korea. Hyangyak is mainly comprised of the Four Ethics: Deogeop Sanggwon (Encouragement of Good Deeds), Gwasil Sanggyo (Discouragement of Bad Deeds), Yesok Sanggyu (Respect between Friends), and Hwannan Sanghyul (Help People in Need), followed by the Five Ceremonies: Hyangeumju-rye, Ganghoesangeup-rye, Gwan-rye, Gye-rye, and Hon-rye. An event is held in every October at Museong Seowon in Chilbo, the hometown of Confucianism.