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Share the Hope for the New Year with the Whole Family
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[ Haemaji ]
The Haemaji Festival held on the New Year’s Day every year at Gaeunsan Sports Field. It’s held along with other events such as cultural performance, Share Well-Wishing Remarks, Beat the Drum of Hope, Blow the Gourd of Hope, and Free the Balloon of Hope.
[ Dalmaji ]
The Dalmaji Festival is held on January 15th of the lunar calendar at Gaeunsan Sports Field. The festival is dedicated to resurrecting the tradition of greeting the moon with the whole family on January 15th of the lunar calendar. The festival includes a number of cultural performances as well as traditional New Year customs like Daljipsari, Burning a Letter of Hope, and Ganggang Sullae. Visitors are welcome to experience a number of traditional folk plays such as yutnori, seasaw jumping, and shuttlecock kicking.