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Hwangdo Bunggi Big Catch Ritual
  • Address 24, Hwangdo-ri, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-Do
  • Phone Number82-41-670-2761
  • HomePage www.cha.go.kr

The Big Catch Ritual is dedicated to praying for safety, peace, and big catch for the fishing village. In Hwangdo Island, a ritual is held on January 1st and 2nd of the lunar calendar every year to pray for a bi catch of fish and safety of the fishing village.
On the first day of the Bunggi Big Catch Festival, the villagers kill a cow to be offered as a sacrifice at a ritual, which is followed by segyeonggut where people pray for their family’s good fortune and bongut, which is the main ritual for praying for the well-being and big catch for the whole village. The last ritual consists of sinnaerim (possession) where boat owners invite a boat god to protect their boats. On the second day, all the boat owners and sailors engage in a competition to load the ritual offerings on their boat as fast as possible and fix a flag on their boat. After the competitions, they hold a ritual on their boat. Finally, the fishermen sing the Good Catch Songs of Bunggi together, share the food, and party together.