Korea National Parks



There is a mountain fortress with a length of 414m and height of 1.3m built by Kim Gwang-bok, a county governor of Joseon during the early years under the reign of King Seonjo, in Noseongsan Mountain located northeast of the downtown area of Pyeongchang-eup. It was a great battlefield where county governor named Gwon Du-mun fought against the Japanese with the help of Ji Sa-ham, Lee In-seo, and U Eung-min during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. After the war, a village shrine was built in the historical battlefield to pray for the safety of local people and civilian soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. The ritual evolved into a bigger event called Noseongje in 1978. In 1982, the Imjin Noseong War Monument was erected, and October 7th was reserved as the Day of Gun Residents. Noseongje gradually became a cultural event for the residents of the gun district. Since then, Noseongje and the Day of Gun Residents have been celebrated on October 7th every year. The festival includes a number of events including the Opening Ceremony, Reproduction of the Battle of Noseongsan Mountain during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, Singing Competition with the Participation of Gum Residents, Live Concert, Night Market, Folk Competition Games between Eups and Myeons, and Sports Games played by local residents.