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The most popular dish at Seoraewon is ‘Yuhwang-Ori-Gusolhyang’ (Sulfur-Duck-Pine Flavor).
Oil is removed from the duck, which is then cooked again over a layer of more than 10 different kinds of medicinal herbs - such as sukjihwang (steamed and dried Rehmannia glutinosa), danggwi (dried Angelica gigas roots), ginseng, Eucommiaceae, and licorice root ? as well as pine needles. So the duck smells like pine.
The meat is sliced and wrapped inside various vegetables on the table.
The duck is served with delicious soybean paste soup, spicy oysters, shepherd’s purse, pine mushrooms, kimchi, dongchimi, and other small servings of tasty looking side dishes. The main meal is followed by a bowl of mung-bean porridge, which is served as a dessert.