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Title [Announcement] Temporary close National Park Trail Fall, 2021.
Created By Knp Date 12.06.2021

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[Announcement] Temporary close National Park Trail Fall, 2021.

National Park Trail Close Due to November 15 ~ December 15(30days)

- KNPS Annually close park trail, for forest Fire Prevention.

1. Control period : 2021. 11. 15(SAT)~ 2021. 12. 15.(WED)

  The control period and section of the trail can be adjusted flexibly depending on the weather and
social conditions such as COVID-19.
  The control period can be partially adjusted for each park in consideration of weather and on-site
conditions, so please refer to the notice section of the park's website when touring the park.

2. purpose

To protect natural resources and prevent forest fires in national parks during the fall season.

3.Area (Attachment 1)

 - Full close trail : 109sections (441 kilometers).

 - Partial close trail :28 sections (247kilometers).
Except close park trails, you can use the park trails.

4. Notes

The possession of flammable substances and smoking are prohibited in the national park.

5. Penalty rule

- Person who enter the restricted trail without permission will be fined up to 500,000 won

(under Article 86 of the Natural Park Act)

- Person who possess flammable materials and smoke in park area or trail will be fined up to 300,000 won
(under Article 86 of the National Park Law)

6. Inquiries

- Regional National Park Office (ex: Seoraksan, Odaesan)

- KNPS Homepage (KOR: / EN

2021. 11. 15.

Chairman of the National Park Service