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Title 10 Safe Sunrise ‧ Sunset Attractions in National Parks
Created By Knps Date 01.20.2016

Korea National Park Service has selected '10 safe sunrise and sunset attractions in national parks' including 7 sunrise and 3 sunset places where you can make a new year's wish with your family.


The safe sunrise attractions recommended by the Service include Nogodan Peak in Mt. Jirisan, Choyang Island at Hallyeohaesang, the peak of Mt. Tohamsan in Gyeongju, the whole area of Simwonsa Temple in Mt. Gayasan, Ulsanbawi Rock in Mt. Seoraksan, Cloud observatory in Bukhansan Dulle-gil Trail and 2nd Yeonhwabong Peak shelter in Mt. Sobaeksan.


Three sunset attractions include Kkotji Beach in Taeanhaean, Dakyibong Peak in Byeonsanbando and Dalya Park in Hallyeohaesang like.


These spots are not the highest peaks representing each national park such as Cheonwangbong Peak in Mt.Jiri, Daecheongbong Peak in Mt. Seoraksan and Baegundae Peak in Mt. Bukhansan, but are in relatively low areas where you can safely enjoy sunrise and sunset.