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Title Control of some Parts of Osaek Hollimgol Trail
Created By Knps Date 01.13.2015

Due to the occurrence of rockslide on the section of Osaek Hollimgol trail section of Seoraksan National Park on January 8, the wooden steps & deck facility extending 20 or so meters installed on the trail were destroyed. 


Therefore, it's inevitable to control the access to 2.3-kilometer trail section from Deungseondae to Yongso Falls three-way intersection due to the risk of safety accidents caused by additional falling rocks.
   (Nevertheless, available for visit to 1.2-kilometer section from the Hollimgol guard site to Deungseondae. )

Opening of the controlled trail won't be possible until the destroyed trail is recovered and trail safety is improved; please make inquiries about the possibility of visit to the section to the park office in advance.(033-636-7700)