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Title The Best Winter Destination- 'Deogyusan National Park'
Created By Knps Date 12.15.2014

The snowscape of Deogyusan Mountain (Hyangjeokbong Peak 1,614m) which is the fourth highest in Korea is famous for its beauty.

As a recommended popular winter course, there is a section ranging from Seolcheonbong~Hyangjeokbong~Baengnyeonsa Temple to Gucheongdong Visit Support Center(9.2km). Once equipped with winter equipment, such as Eisen, even the beginner can get fun in winter hiking on this section.   


This section is famous for the hoarfrost(snow flower)tunnel, it spews forth the atmosphere of mystery that could appear in a fairy tale. 


Another one is the course appreciating the snowscape by ascending  Hyangjeokbong Peak-the highest Peak of Deogyusan on foot after going up to Seolcheonbong Peak using the cable car, and the old and the infirm can go up this course easily.