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Title Information about Campground Rating System
Created By Knps Date 11.27.2014

■ About Campground Rating System?

The campground rating system provides the rating information about campgrounds in the method of giving asterisks(★)from 1 to 4 by campground by dividing 38 campgrounds in national parks into the 4 ratings to make it possible to easily perceive the level of each campground.


■ Evaluation Rating


Superexcellent(★★★★) : It lends entire camping equipment or provides the large campsite where the use of electricity is available; especially convenient for family-unit campers.


Excellent(★★★☆) : It is equipped with comparatively excellent condition of a convenience facility and broadcasting facility, making it possible to take a prompt measure in case of an emergency situation; particularly, its green area ratio is more than 50%.


Moderate(★★☆☆) : This site is equipped with infrastructure like a flush toilet and kitchen, etc. and safety equipment such as extinguishers and first aid supplies, etc.


Basic(★☆☆☆) : It provides the minimum infrastructure, such as a small campsite and lavatory, etc.











12 spots

15 spots

6 spots

5 spots

Full Option Campsite

Datdonjae, Deogyudae, Namcheon





Deokdong, Donghaksa Temple, Naejang, Deogyudae(car),

Hagampo, Guryong, Geumdae, Samga, Cheonghwagsa Temple

Naewon, Baemsagol(car), Hakdong, Gain, Chiin, Samjeong, Sogeumgang, Sangui, Paryeongsan, Datdonjae, Songgye

Dalgung, Seorakdong





General Campsite


Baekmudong, Jungsanri, Somakgol, Baemsagol

Baegundong, Deogyudae(general), Deokju, Yongha

Yeompo, Simok, Ansu, Seokgul, Gyeongpdae