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Title To See the Autumn Foliage in a wheelchair on a Disability-free Visit Trail
Created By Knps Date 10.23.2014

In the case of a physically-impaired person whose outdoor outing is not easy through the ordinary wheelchair use, how about going on an outing to see the autumn foliage in the national park?

The National Park Service has newly developed disability-free visit trails extending up to 4.1 km  for the disabled using the wheelchair in 5 national parks, such as Woraksan National Park , Naejangsan National Park and Dadohaehaesang National Park this year.

The characteristic of the disability-free visit trail is that the trail was developed in the width of over 1.8 m and less than 8% slope degree by selecting the trail section with a spectacular landscape ,which doesn't need installation of excessive facilities, and making it easier for the wheelchair to move by removing steps and raised parts of the road. 


Meanwhile, the same Service has developed disability-free visit trails for the transportation vulnerable by estimating the number of pregnant women, children and elderly among the visitors to a national park annually at about 9 million.

By this year, the Service has developed 11 km on 14 sections, and it is going to create the disability-free visit trails extending up to 39km on 38 sections in total by 2018.