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Title With Autumn Foliage at Jirisan National Park Setting in, its Climax will be on around October 24~27
Created By Knps Date 10.15.2014

It's predicted that Jirisan National Park will have its climax of autumn foliage between 24~27 of October.


The proper time for visit to the summit of Cheonwangbong Peak, Nogodan Peak, and Baraebong Peak is from the present until October 17 while the proper time for  visit to the low-lying areas, such as, Piagol Valley, Baemsagol Valley, and Guryong Valley, etc is predicted to be from October 24 until the 2nd of next month. 


As recommendable hiking courses, there are the course from Jeongryeongchi Peak via Baraebong Peak to Wunbong Peak(13km, 5 hrs and 40minutes are required) and  another course from Seongsamje Pass via Manbokdae Peak to Jeongryeongchi Peak (7.4km, 3 & a half hrs required), which afford you a panoramic view of Jirisan foliage at a sight; another course from Banseon(Baemsagol Valley) to Hwagaeje Pass(9.2km, 5 hrs required) and the other course from Yukmojeong Pavilion to Guryong Falls(3.1km, 2hrs required) where pretty valleys and autumn foliage make harmony.