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Title The fox cub born this year, released back into the wild with its mother-Sobaeksan
Created By Knps Date 09.24.2014

The Korea National Park Service released  8 foxes in total including 2 fox cubs(female) which were born in last April into Sobaeksan National Park on the last 15th.


Among the recently released foxes, the remaining 7 foxes(4 females, 3 males)excluding the 2 cubs born in last April are individuals aged under 3, were introduced from China during the year between 2012 and 2013, whose nature of wildness and state of adaptation to nature are excellent.    


In addition, the two cubs born in last April were set free together with their parent individual after going through the training session for adaptation to nature from their mother, such as prey capture, tunnel digging, etc. without fail at the training center. The release of wild animals on a family basis was the first in history of national park, which is expected to be helpful in grasping the association with the increase in a fox's survival rate.