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Title Ranked 2nd among Culture&Public Health Institutions
Created By Knp Date 01.10.2007

KNPS: Ranked 2nd among Culture&Public Health Institutions

in the Customer Satisfaction Index Survey of g overnment-affiliated Institutions


According to Ministry of Planning & Bugdet, Korea National Park Service(Chairman Hwa-Kang Park) was ranked 2nd in the Culture&Public Health Institutions category of the 2006 Customer Satisfaction Index Survey that targeted 80 institutions providing direct services to the public among 91 government-affiliated institutions which fall under the Framework Act on the Management of Government-affiliated Institutions.


To provide direct and indirect national park experiences to its customers, KNPS has been operating various programs including national park outreach programs and national park policy mailing service. In the survey, KNPS received recognition for its management activities that targeted customer satisfaction as a model case for customer-based management.


The survey, conducted for the 3rd time since 2004, targeted customers who received direct services from government-affiliated institutions. 10 survey companies including MilwardBrown Media Research carried out the survey over a 3-month period. It was based on Public Service Customer Satisfaction Index(PCSI) developed by the Korea Management Association Consulting(KMAC)at the request of the Ministry of Planning & Budget.