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Title Public Announcement of Prohibiton of Alcohol Drinking in the National Park
Created By Knp Date 04.27.2018

Public Announcement 2018-11

Public Announcement of Prohibiton
of Alcohol Drinking in the National Park

In accordance with Article 27 of the Natural Parks Act and Article 25 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the same Act, we announce the prohibition of alcohol drinking act in the national park as follows.

1. Purpose : Protection of natural resources and prevention of safety accidents

2. Enforcement Date : March 13, 2018
(Guidance Period: March 13, 2018 ~ September 12. Fine for negligence can be imposed even during the guidance period.)

3. Prohibited Place
○ Emergency Shelter and all the area of additional facilities: 6parks, 20 shelters
Park NameEmergency Shelter Name
Jirisan Mt.(8) All areas of Jangteomok Pass, Seseok, Byeokseoryeong Pass, Chibanmok Pass, Rotary, Nogodan, Piagol, Yeonhacheon
Seorak Mt.(5)All areas of Jungcheong, Socheong, Huiungak, Yangpok, Suryeomdong
Deogyusan Mt.(2)All areas of Hyangjeokbong, Satkatjae
Odaesan Mt.(1)All areas of Noinbong Peak
Bukhansan Mt.(3)All areas of Baegun, Bukhan, Dobong
Sobaeksan Mt.(1)All areas of the 2nd Yeonhwabong Peak

○ All Areas of the Trail·Mountain Peak: 21 Parks, 81 Shelters - Trail
Park NameProhibited Areas
Gyeryongsan Mt.All areas of Gwaneumbong Peak, Sambulbong Peak(Rest Area), Surroundings of the Brother and Sister Tower, Geum Jan-di Peak(Rest Area)
Seorak Mt.All areas of Towangseong Falls Observatory
Naejangsan Mt. All areas of Seorae three-way intersection, Gatbawi
TaeanhaeanPark All areas of Dooyeo Obsevatory
Woraksan Mt. All areas of Songgye three-way intersection.
Bukhansan Mt. All areas of Taedongmun, Bukhan emergency shelter heliport, Daeseongmun, Samobawi, Daenammun, Madangbawi, Podae heliport
Sobaeksan Mt. All areas of Jumok Observation Post
Wolchulsan Mt. All areas of suspension bridge
Byeonsanbando Park All areas of Chaeseokgang, Jikso Falls Observstory
Mudeungsan Mt. All areas of Seoseokdae

- Mountain Peak
Park NameProhibited Areas
Jirisan Mt.All areas of Cheonwangbong Peak, Nogodan Peak, Banyabong Peak, Manbokdae Peak
GyeongjuAll areas of Geumobong Peak, Gowibong Peak, Tohamsan Mountain Peak, Mujangbong Peak, Danseoksan Mountain Peak
Gyeryongsan Mt.All areas of Gwaneumbong Peak, Dodeokbong Peak, Bingyesan Mountain Peak, Geumsubong Peak, Yeoncheonbong Peak(Heliport)
HallyeohaesangAll areas of Geumsan Mountain Peak, Bijindo Seonyudae
Seoraksan Mt. Daecheongbong Peak, Ulsanbawi Peak, Gwongeumseong Fortress answkdeo
Naejangsan Mt. All areas of Sinseonbong Peak
Deogyusan Mt. All areas of Hyangjeokbong Peak
Odaesan Mt. All areas of Birobong Peak, Sangwangbong Peak, Noinbong Peak, Dongdaesan Mountain peak, Gyebangsan Mountain Peak
Juwangsan Mt. All areas of Jubong Peak, Janggunbong Peak, Gamebong Peak
Dadohae All areas of Hongdo Gitdaebong Peak, Dorisan Mountain Observatory
Chiaksan All areas of Birobong Peak
Bukhansan Mt. All areas of Wonhyobong Peak, Munsubong, Baegundae Peak, Mangyeongdae Terrace, Kalbawi, Jokduribong Peak, Hyangnobong Peak, Bibong Peak, Jubong Peak, Podae Peak, Sinseondae, Uiam Rock, Sapaesan Mountain Peak, Yeoseong Peak, Obong Peak
Wolchulsan Mt. All areas of Cheonwangbong Peak
Byeonsanbando All areas of Gwaneumbong Peak Observatory
Taebaeksan Mt. All areas of Cheonjedan, Janggunbong Peak, Hadan, Munsubong Peak

○ All areas of Rock(Ice) Cliff: 7 Parks, 57 Shelters
- Rock Cliff
Park NameProhibited Areas
Gyeryongsan Mt. (2) All areas of Hwangjeokbong Peak, Bagaji Rock
Seorak Mt. (22) All areas of Jeokbyeok Cliff, Janggunbong Peak, Yuseondae, Samhyeongje-gil, Kyungwondae-gil, Memory of Leontopodium, 4 friend‘s friendship road, The boys picking stars, Cheonhwadae, Heukbeom-gil, Seokju-gil, Yama(king of hell)-gil, Nadeuri-gil, dolhanchi-gil, Road to becoming one , Ulsan Rock Cliff, Road for a piece of poetry, Nojeokbong Perak, Maitreya Janggunbong Peak, Mongyudowondo, Agalbawi, Chilhyeongjebong Peak
Songnisan Mt.(1) All areas of Sansuyu Rock Ridge
Bukhansan Mt. (15) All areas of Insubong Peak, Mangyeongdae Terrace, Baegundae Terrace, Hidden Wall, Yeomchobong Peak, Wonhyobong Peak, Nojeokbong Peak, Hyangnobong Peak, Jokduribong Peak, Bibong Peak, Seoninbong Peak, Jubong Peak, Uiam Rock, Obong Peak, Sinseondae~Kalbawi
Wolchulsan Mt.(4) All areas of Sirubong Peak,, Maebong Peak, Yeonsilbong Peak, Sajabong Peak
Mudeungsan Mt.(2) All areas of Saeinbong Peak, Yongchu Valley(Beehive Rock)

- Rock Cliff
Park NameProhibited Areas
Gyeryongsan Mt.(1) All areas of Hwangjeok Falls
Seoraksan Mt.(8)All areas of Towangseong Falls, Two-line Falls, 50m Falls, 100m Falls, Brothers Falls, (Gun)Dry Falls, Soseung Falls, (Sil)Thread Falls
Woraksan Mt.(2) All areas of Shinsun Falls, Pallangso

4. Prohibited Act: Alcohol Drinking Act

5. Penalty Details: In accordance with the regulation of Article 86 of the Natural Parks Act and Article 46 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the
     same Act

○ Fine: 1st violation 50 thousand Won, 2nd violation and more 100 thousand Won

March 13, 2018

Chief Director of the Korea National Park Service