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Title Full of Autumn Sentiment for '10 Selections in Foliage Path in National Park
Created By Knp Date 10.11.2016

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‘'Full of Autumn Sentiment for '10 Selections in Foliage Path in National Park’

◇ 10 Selections for Exploration Road for Foliage Scenic Views in National Parks where It Is Good to Hike with Family Members
◇ Outstanding view of foliage is expected for October 18 in Gangregung, October 26 in Mid-region and November 6 in Southern-region



□ The foliage path recommended by the Korea National Park is mostly hiking path with moderate slopes. It is the area great for easy outing, rather than hard mountain climbing that all ages of men and women may enjoy light walking to feel the autumn sentiment.

□ The foliage in national parks started from Sorak-san at the earliest, the end of September. It is expected to pass Wolak-san and Sokri-san in the middle of October to pass Naejang-san, Mudeung-san and others to go down to the south at the end of October.

○ The peak time for the foliage would be around October 18 for the Gangwon area, such as, Sorak-san and Chiak-san, and October 26 for the middle region, such as, Wolak-san and Sokri-san, and November 6 for the southern region, such as, Naejang-san and Mudeung-san.


□ From the ‘10 Selections for Exploration Road for Foliage Scenic Views in National Parks’, the Biseondae course in the Sorak-san National Park has 3.0km (one-way) district starting from Seorak-dong Visitor Support Center to through Biseondae to reach to Cheonbul-dong Valley. Following the moderate path, this is the place to appreciate beautiful foliage that is harmonized with the valley. Wheelchairs and stroller may be utilized up to the entry area of Biseondae. However, when visiting the Sorak-san National Park Jiri-san, extra care has to be made for areas with the signage of falling rock danger.

□ Sejo-gil of the Sokri-san National Park is the low ground path for 2.4km leading Beopjusa ~ Seshimjeong that wooden deck and yellow soil roads are well harmonized with nature. Some area is adjacent to the valley and reservoir to form a splendid view with the foliage reflected over the water.

□ The path of 3.0km leading from Jikjeon Village of the Jiri-san National Park to Samhongso is a representative foliage attraction point of the Jiri-san Piagol valley. Walking along the valley path of the Samhongso area, one may appreciate water, wind and birds in the ears and all types of splendid colors in foliage in the eyes. For two days of October 29 and 30, the foliage festival is held in the areas of foliage park and Piagol of Guryeo-gun.

□ The Nature Ecology Learning Center is established as the foliage path to enjoy not only the scenic foliage but also the natural learning for children as well.

○ Nature Observation Street of Mansu Valley in Wolak-san National Park is a path without any obstacle for 2km for foliage and valley that this is an appropriate path to enjoy the autumn foliage with children, the seniors and young children. In particular, there is a wild flower complex in the entry area of Observation street established to enjoy both wild flowers and foliage of Wolak-san simultaneously.

○ The 3.0km zone where visitors walk along the valley from Guryongsa to Seryeom Waterfall of the Chiak-san National Park has breath-taking harmony of waterfalls and rocks in the valley to appreciate the foliage like a water painting. It is a magnificent view to enjoy the foliage that is harmonized with the sky-rocketed forest. There are ecology learning center and snake artificial breeding facility to simultaneously explore the ecology education for children.

□ The foliage course harmonized with the history culture resource has been selected. In the 1.8 km zone that is led from Baekyang Visitor Support Center of the Naejang-san National Park to Baekyangsa, there are palmate maple trees with red colors, in addition to the 700 years of tree age in Orient Chest Nuts and Kayas along the Baekyang Valley. With the harmony of Gobulchonglim Baekyangsa, Ssanggyeroo, Ilgwangjeong and others, it would be perfect to enjoy the sentiment of enriched autumn.

○ When walking along the moderate Jiri-san of 4km from Gucheon-dong to Baekryeonsa of Deokyu-san National Park, it encounters Deokyu-san in full of reddish scenery. On the other side of the Tambangro Valley, the ‘Gucheon-dong Old Path’ where the ancient people walked around has been restored to experience the sole path that is deeply absorbed in the foliage.

○ The districts for 1.9km Ridge path from Bukgok Parking Lot 2 to Boriam of Hanryeohaesang National Park and for 3.5km from Jeolgol Visitor Support Center to Daemun Bridge of the Juwang-san National Park would be great to appreciate the lazy autumn scenery in harmony with the temple.

□ As a great scenic foliage near to the downtown, Wuiryeong Path as the surrounding path for the Bukhan-san National Park has been selected. Wuiryeong Path is the road to start fro Wuidong of Seoul to Jangheung, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi that has the particularly splendid in autumn from all seasons.

○ Wuiryeong Path is restricted for 1,000 persons of reserved personnel per day that the application has to be submitted in advance via integrated reservation system ( of the Korea National Park.

National Park

Time to visit

Visiting route

Distance and required time (For one-way)

Characteristics of visiting route



Seorak-dong Visitor Support Center ~ Biseondae

3.0km, 2 hours

Valley path



Beopjusa ~ Seshimjeong

2.4km, 1 hour 40 minutes

Valley path



Jikjeon Village ~ Samhongso

3.0km, 2 hours

Valley path



Nature Observation Street of Mansu Valley

2.0km, 1 hour 30 minutes

Observation street



Guryongsa ~ Seryeon Waterfall

3.0km, 2 hours

Valley path



Gain Parking Lot ~ Baekyang Visitor Support Center ~ Baekyangsa

1.8km, 2 hours

Hiking path



Gucheon-dong~ Baekryeonsa

4km, 2 hours 30 minutes

Hiking path



Woori-dong Visitor Support Center ~ Gyohyeon-ri

6.8km, 3 hours 30 minutes

Hiking path



Bukgok Parking Lot 2 ~ Boriam

1.9km 1 hour 30 minutes

Ridge path



Jeolgol Visitor Support Center~Daemun Bridge

3.5km, 2 hour 30 minutes

Valley path