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Title Mt. Taebaeksan National Park Office Opens; a Full-fledged Business Starts
Created By Knp Date 08.29.2016

Mt. Taebaeksan National Park Office Opens; a Full-fledged Business Starts

□ Korea National Park Service (Park Bo-hwan, head commissioner) announced that it opened the Mt. Taebaeksan National Park Office (Kim Jin-kwang, head manager) and starts its full-fledged business starting on 22nd, August.

○ In 27 years since it was designated as a provincial park, Mt. Taebaeksan has been designated Korea's 22nd national park last July and covers a total of 70.1㎢ including 51.2㎢ in Taebaek-si, Gangwon, 0.1㎢ in Youngwol-gun, Ganwon, 0.9㎢ of Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon, and 17.9㎢ in Bongwha-gun, Gyeongbuk. Its size is four times the size of the existing provincial park (17.4㎢).

□ The office is planning to study the overall national environment of the mountain and maintain damaged trails through national resources research starting later this year. It also is planning to restore ecology, preparing the species improvement project of Japanese larch.

○ It is also going to push ahead with ecological trip projects and a pilot park to improve exploration culture, using Mt. Taebaeksan's rich ecological and cultural assets, and managing the park together with the local community by organizing 'local community cooperation council'.

□ "All employees will do their best to help the designation as a national park systematically protect the national resources of Mt. Taebaeksan and help develop local community." said Kim Jin-kwang, head manager. "We ask local residents' a lot of attention and cooperation."