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Title Cardiac Arrest and Accident in the Water are the Two Biggest Risk Ractors...
Created By Knp Date 07.25.2016

Cardiac Arrest and Accident in the Water are the Two Biggest Risk Ractors You can Have at a National Park during Summer
: Cardiac Arrest (36%) and Drowning Accident (32%) Account for 68% of the Entire Fatal Accidents
◇ For the last five years, among 25 fatal accidents that have taken place at national parks during summer (July to August), there were 9 cardiac arrests and 8 drowning accidents. Particularly, 73% of the drowning accidents took place during holiday seasons.
◇ For a safe summer vacation, you need to follow basic safety guidelines such as not entering the water after drinking.

□ Korea National Park Service (Chairman of the board: Park Bo-hwan) announced that people who visit national parks during vacation season should be extra careful not to have cardiac arrest in case of heat wave and accidents in the water.

○ For the last five years, among 25 fatal accidents took place during summer vacation season (July to August), cardiac arrest was the biggest reason recording 9 cases followed by drowning (8 cases) and fall (6 cases).

○ Particularly, 8 out of 11 drowning accidents that took place at national parks during that five-year period occurred summer vacation seasons and six of them were caused by drinking; this is why it is strictly prohibited to enter into the water after drinking.

□ While heart-related accidents are mainly occurred during the change of seasons, they could also take place while hiking during scorching heat.

○ In particular, if you have diabetes or cardiovascular diseases or elderly, you should avoid hiking toward the peak and should trail shady valleys and moderate inclines as your bodily resistance may significantly become weak in a hot spell.

□ Having fun in the water is always on 'what to do list' during summer, and you need to warm-up and follow basic guidelines to prevent safety accidents.

○ It is strictly forbidden to enter into the water after drinking as 73% (6 cases) of the drowning accidents took place during summer (8 cases) was caused by drinking.

○ In addition, you are highly recommended that you wear a life jacket, have fun only in places where you know its depth, and should be around children so they should not play alone around the water.

□ You should pay particular attention to avoid safety accidents by carefully watching weather forecasts as there are a lot of people who plan to go on a long-term hiking during summer vacation season and it is a season when torrential downpour is frequent.

○ If you are isolated while climbing up a valley as sudden downpour or shower makes the water swollen, call the office of the national park or 119 and avoid unreasonable actions, and escape to a ridge possibly by using easy slopes.

○ In addition, be sure to carry backpack covers and extra clothing in case of rain or downpour, and start hiking after taking a measure to prevent your bag from getting wet.

○ You should be careful not to spoil your food as food can easily go stale during summer.

○ In particular, excessive hiking that is beyond your strength can lead to a cardiac arrest or exhaustion, which is why you need to select hiking courses that fit to your strength and accompany at least two other people to avoid accidents.

□ "For you to enjoy safe and pleasant vacation at a national park, you should beware of the safety guidelines beforehand such as hiking with at least two other people and complying with the designated time for entering into a mountain" said Kim Kyeong-chul, director of the Safety and Disaster Prevention Center at the Korea National Park Service.