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Title Announcement of Access Control of Trails on uplands of the National Parks in the Fall
Created By Knps Date 10.28.2015

The Korea National Park Service will have control over the upland trails for visitor’s safety and forest fire; please refer to the following with regard to the use of trails.


1 Control Period : November 16, ~December, 15, 2015.


Control Period

Relevant National Parks (18 Parks)

Nov. 16~Dec. 15

Seoraksan, Odaesan, Jirisan, Gyeryongsan, Hallyeohaesang, Songnisan, Naejangsan,


Gayasan, Deogyusan, Juwangsan, Dadohaehaesang, Chiaksan, Woraksan, Bukhansan,


Sobaeksan, Byeonsanbando, Wolchulsan, Mudeungsan

※The control period is subject to partial adjustment by park in the light of weather conditions.

2. Purpose : For prevention of forest fire in National Parks during the drying climate in the Fall

3. Reference Details :  Possession of Inflammable materials and smoking are prohibited all the year round in National Parks.

4. A Penalty : Those, who are caught accessing the controlled trails, carrying the inflammables and smoking, shall be fined less than 300,000won.