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Title The first snow was observed in the national park this year.
Created By Knps Date 10.13.2015

It snowed first around Jungcheong-bong(1600m) in the National Park of Mt. Seorak on October 10. The temperature fell down to -0.4℃ and it snowed for 1 hour until 7 o'clock in the morning. However, snow did not accumulate due to strong wind.


It snowed first around Jangtermok(1653m) Shelter located at the ridgeline in the National Park of Mt. Jiri at the dawn on October 11. The lowest temperature at Jangtermok Shelter was -0.5℃ on the day.


Safe mountain climbing is ensured only when sufficient measures are taken for rapid drop of sensory temperature, freezing while mountain climbing as it gets cold.