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Title Notice : Blocking the trails of Heullimgol due to falling rocks
Created By Knps Date 08.11.2015

There is an accident due to falling rocks at a trail of Heullimgol in Seoraksan National Park at 3.p.m. on August 15th, 2015. To have a repair work and prevent injuries caused by falling rocks, trails are blocked as shown below and thus we ask your cooperation.


Site of the accident : 100 meters from the Yongso Falls three-way intersection to Heullimgol Park Ranger Post.

Blocked sections : Heullimgol Park Ranger Post ~ the Yongso Falls three-way intersection

Blocked period : August 2nd, 2015 to until a notice (Notice will be made after completing the repair work and checking the risks of falling rocks)

Reasons for the blockage:
- to block access due to damaged facilities at the trails caused by falling rocks.
- to prevent injuries which may happen due to additional falling rocks.