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Title When do we go to see royal azaleas in Biraenong Peak at Jiri National Park?
Created By Knps Date 04.29.2015

60% to 70% of royal azaleas are blossom at the lower end of Jiri Mountain Biraebong Peak as of April 28 and will bloom in early May in 700m to 800m above sea level. At the ridge of the top (Baraebong Peak, Pallangchi Pass to Buunchi Pass), it seems that they will be in full bloom around the second weekends of May.


The mountain azalea habitat of Baraebong Peak reminds of a garden in its entire mountains as if it were maintained by human.

As it is in top region and has four distinct seasons, the flowers are more red and deep in their colors attracting tens of thousands of springtime picnickers.

The major trails include Yongsan-ri, the Baraebong three-way intersection to Pallangchi Pass (4.9km, 2-hour) as well as Pallang Village to Pallangchi Pass (2.0km, 1 hour) and you may choose a variety of courses depending on your hiking schedule.