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Title In ever-deepening Autumn, why not come and see the tinted autumnal leaves at Seoraksan Mountain!
Created By Knps Date 10.10.2014

The autumn foliage at Seoraksan begins to boast of its splendor with Daecheongbong Peak as a starting point, presumably coming to the climax around October 18.

At present, Seoraksan has turned red, especially at Gongryong ridge, Daeseungryeong Pass and northwest ridge. The estimated period for foliage consummation of Seoraksan by altitude is as follows:

It's predicted that the foliage at Hangyeryeong Pass, Misiryeong Valley and Heullimgol Valley is coming to the climax on October 14 and in case of Sogongwon, Biryong Falls, Jujeongol Valley and Baekdam Valley, etc. located at the low-lying area, will be on October 26, respectively.  .