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Title Launch of Tour Package of National Park Directly Guided by Residents
Created By Knps Date 09.02.2014

  ○ Mostly, ordinary people usually get help by searching restaurants and attractions on blog or cafe in order to tour the  national park area, but in most cases, such information fails to meet expectations.


  ○ The Korea National Park Service has developed the Resident-guided National Park Tour Package, in which a resident, who is well informed of local situation, personally makes a plan for attractions, food and experiences and guides tourists having no experience in visiting the relevant area for the sake of their fruitful touring experience.  


  ○ The resident-guided tour package of national park which will be operated in earnest starting September with 27 packages in total including 10 packages in Jirisan Mountain, 9 packages in Seoraksan Mountain, 8 packages in Gyeongju, etc. , among which 4 tour packages are for 2 day & 1 night and the rest are the ones requiring a day or half-day tour schedule.


  ○ In an effort for smooth operation of the resident-guided tour package, the national park service discovered 34 resident guides and completed a prescribed training session for them; for reservation of the tour package, you will have to do it on the website( tour specialist-My Real Trip which made business agreement with the Park Service.