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Title A Visitor-elected Bukhansan’ s Representative Landscape ‘Baegundae Peak Sunrise’
Created By Knps Date 07.23.2014

It was surveyed that the landscape, which is regarded by visitors as the most beautiful, was ‘Baegundae Peak Sunrise’ in Bukhansan known as the Korea National Park in the urban space, which more than 7 million hikers visit on an annual basis.

The Korea National Service Authority conducted a questionnaire survey on visitors’selection of the beautiful landscape representing Bukhansan targeting around 6,000 visitors at major entrances of Bukhansan in last May~June, and announced their survey results.

According to the survey results,the favorite landscape by the respondentswas ‘Baegundae Peak Sunrise’ (22%), followed by the order of ‘Obong(16%)as a second place, ‘Insubong Peak’(14%)as a third place, ‘Autumn Foliage in Hidden Wall’(11%)as a fourth place, ‘Bukhansanseong Fortress Ramparts’(7%) as a fifth place, ‘Seoninbong Figure’(6%) as sixth place, ‘Samgaksan Mountain(5%) as a seventh place, ‘8 Uisangbong Peaks’(4.6%), ‘Bibong Ridge’(4.4%) as  a ninth place, and ‘Mangyeongdae Terrace  Rock Ridge’ (4.2%) as a tenth place.


‘Baegundae Peak Sunrise’ selected as a first place was the captured magnificent spectacle while people were looking at the rising sun from across the downtown Seoul area with the gigantic granite mass of Insubong Peak on the left from Baegundae Peak-the highest peak(836.5m)of Bukhansan; through this watching, one can feel the splendor of Bukhansan.