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Title The total number of baby Asiatic black bears, which were born at Jirisan, have increased to 7 this y
Created By Knps Date 07.07.2014

The Korea National Parks Authority announced that 5 Asiatic black cubs were born at Jirisan on March 19, and afterwards, they re-announced that a total of 7 cubs were born by identifying the birth of 2 female cubs in the process of replacing a transmitter.


The same Authority discovered 2 cubs in the process of replacing a transmitter for RF-No. 21 bear(which was introduced from Russia in 2007),and the mother bear ran away leaving its two cubs behind out of surprise at the related researchers' approach. A person concerned from the Authority explained, "Well, it was raining when we discovered the cubs, and we judged it's difficult for them to survive due to hypothermia in case of leaving cubs alone unattended for long hours, and thus we couldn't but bring with them unavoidably."