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Title National Park Campsite got a new Facelift and Set out for full-scale Reception of Visitors
Created By Knps Date 06.23.2014

□ The Korea National Parks Authority made it clear that they have been finished with improvement of its 33 directly operated campgrounds with the season of summer exodus just ahead, and are ready to give the reception of visitors in earnest from July 1. 


○ Particularly, 8 campgrounds including Geumdae at Chiaksan, Namcheon at Sobaeksan, Naejang at  Naejangsan,  Somakgol Baekmudong at Jirisan, Chiin at Gayasan, Cheonhwang at Wolchulsan, and Deogyudae at Deogyusan, etc. will make their new appearance after extensive refurbishment. 

□The Geumdae campground at Chiaksan has been developed as a new concept of  eco-healing campground for relaxation and healing in Nature; it is equipped with the total size of 48 buildings, and the campground is characterized by the fact that it is free from noise and exhaust gas by separately developing a parking place remote from the camp ground.


□The full-option camping service, which was gaining great popularity from the visitors after this service was introduced on a trial basis at Datdonjae campground at Woraksan and Deogyudae campground at Deogyusan last year, will be also in extended implementation at Namcheon campground at Sobaeksan this year. The full option service is the one which loans all camping outfits, such as a tent and cooking utensils, etc. at a low price.

□ In the meantime, the Korea National Parks Authority explained, "Most of the campgrounds at a national park created a nature observation trail or got gently slanted trails to be linked to make it possible for visitors on a unit of family to enjoy taking a walk; thus, it'd be good for visitors to enjoy taking a stroll or a hike as well as nature experience."