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Title The Jirisan Asiatic black bear, the more one gets out of the trail, it's more likely that the one mi
Created By Knps Date 05.28.2014

The Korea National Park Authority, on the basis of the result of analysis of about 20,000 pieces of location information about the Asiatic black bear's activity in Jirisan for 10 years from 2004 until 2013, made it clear that the ratio of the bear's staying within 20 meters from the trail side is 0.41% and 4.85% within 200 meters from the trail side; however, the case where the bear stayed away from the regular human trail more than 500 meters accounted for as much as 54.01%. 

□ There are some tricks to cope with it in case you encounter the Asiatic black bear in the mountain as follows:

  ○ In case you encounter the bear in the distance, you are advised to move away from the spot quietly,

  ○ In case you should encounter the bear at a short distance, you are advised not to run away with your back on the bear, but to try to be remote from it while moving back and staring at it, 

  ○ If the bear should go at you, you are advised to resist it using available tools nearby to the maximum, but if the situation is not the case, you are required to take the posture of protecting your vital points.


Korea National Part Authority said, "When hikers use a regular trail, there is hardly any likelihood of encountering the Asiatic black bear. Thus, hikers had better not use the restricted byway and by observing the designated mountain entering time, they are advised to avoid hiking at a time when human traces are rare.