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Title Leopard Cats (“Sark”) Live in Bukhan Mountain
Created By Knps Date 05.19.2014

□ Korea National Park Services recorded a leopard cat (“Sark”), designated as Grade II Endangered Species, at Bukhan Mountain National Park for the first time.


  ○ The leopard cat was recorded at Wooiryong district. This area in Bukhan Mountain does not have a lot of paths for people, which led to the ecosystem being relatively well-preserved. Seven unmanned cameras were installed in this area, resulting in successful recording discussed here.


  ○ During the natural environment survey carried out in 2001, it was deemed that the vegetation and natural environment in Bukhan Mountain were not suited to support the inhabitation of leopard cats. However, by controlling civilian access and implementing continued preservation efforts, researchers were able to confirm the existence of leopard cat droppings. Their actual presence was then confirmed this time around.

□ Leopard cats, also called “Sark Cat” in Korea, is one of the smallest among the felid species. They feed primarily on rodents or birds.


  ○ While the leopard cat is the dominant predator in Korea’s ecosystem as it is free of large beasts of prey, their count declined rapidly, leading to its designation as Grade II Endangered Wildlife Species for protection.


□ Meanwhile, Wooiryong region implemented the reservation exploration system since 2009, limiting the count of daily visitors to 1,000. It is a premier example of a location that allowed harmonious pursuit of both preservation and access.