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Title “50 National Park Fresh Green Trails" which can heal your tired mind
Created By Knps Date 05.13.2014

With the coming of the season of verdure, we are recommending the 50 Pedestrial-Friendly National Park Fresh Green Trails in the Woods worthy to look around on a family basis.

In the midst of the whole country's being colored with verdure about 2 weeks earlier, at present the verdure of Jirisan Mountain comes up to the altitude of 1,000meters, and about 80% of the verdure has covered Songnisan Mountain and Gyeryongsan Mountain in central districts. However, the verdure of Seoraksan Mountain and Odaesan Mountain in northern districts are likely to come to a climax in the middle of May at earliest.


The fresh green trails in the woods we are recommending are the places with a gentle slant and  thickly forested trails where hikers can visit here like having a gentle stroll. The time required for hiking  diversely ranges from 1 hour to 5 hours, and there are 6 types of trails, such as valley trail, culture trail, walkway, woodland path, Haneul-gil, and coastal walkway, etc. and visitors can select it to their taste.


○ Haneul-gil at Nogodan Peak of Jirisan is fit for appreciating a variety of vegetation of the alpine grassland and unobstructed views. Along with the green verdure, hikers are welcomed by pink Rhodendedronmucronulatum var. ciliatum and royal azalea, and if happy chances serve, hikers could overlook the cloud sea spreading at their feet.
   The 3.4-kilometer trail extends from Seongsam rest area to the top of Nogodan Peak(1,597 meters high), and its topography is wide and flat, so men and women of all ages can have a hike without the need to overstrain themselves.


  ○ The old Samneung trail at Namsan of Gyeongju is a representative culture trail, where hikers can feel the atmosphere of the millenary old kingdom of Silla. Samneung is the tomb for the 8th King Adala, 53rd King Seondeok, and 54th King Gyeongmyeong of the Silla Dynasty; what is more famous is its surrounding pine forest path. The appearance of pine trees' bending towards the tomb just like showing the sincere loyalty to a king is unique. In the middle of walking on the pine forest path, hikers can encounter lots of cultural assets, such as Seated Stone Buddha which is well-known for its neckless statue of the Buddha. 


  ○  When it comes to Naejangsan Mountain, people usually recall the autumn foliage, but actually, those who know Naejangsan well more highly evaluate its splendid verdure. The gorgeous verdure stems from many maple trees and Mongolian Oak. Overlooking the sea of verdure while riding on a cable car until the observatory is really a paragon.

   - The Wonjeok Valley natural observation trail extending 3.5km from Naejangsa Temple through Wonjeok Hermitage to Byeokryeon Hermitage has a moderate incline, and hikers can meet the colony of nutmeg trees which are hundreds of years old.

   ○  The valley trail at Gucheon-dong of Deogyusan extends about 6 kilometers along the valley from the visit support center to Baengnyeonsa Temple, and hikers can see 18 beautiful landscapes, such as Wolhatan and Geumpotan, etc. among the 33 famous spots at Gucheon-dong. The trail width is as many as 2~3 meters and its incline is moderate, making it wonderful for all family members to go on trekking.

  ○   Odaesan Seonjae-gil is a woodland path extending along the Odaecheon valley from Woljeongsa Temple to Sangwonsa Temple.
      Strolling along Seonjae-gil, which was named with best wishes for getting wisdom just like Seonjae Baby Boy did in the Avatamska Sutra in Buddhism, visitors can feel the phytoncide spouted by fir trees and Geumgan pine trees, and have the pleasure to cross the valley through stepping stones, timber bridge and bavin bridge.


  ○  Mireuk-do Dara-gil at Hallyeo Sea is a good place for walking with its gentle slope and scenic beauty. Countless numbers of islands surrounding Tongyeong Bay are overlapped with each other and harmonized with the indigo blue sea, creating a magnificent spectacle. Once rising up to the Mireuksan observatory, visitors can have a glance at several islands of the coastal waters of Tongyeong; particularly, it's possible to appreciate the nation's most fantastic evening sunset from Dara observatory.