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Title The Hikers at Bukhansan walk 6.9km(3 hrs and 40 minutes) on an average.
Created By Knps Date 05.07.2014

The Korea National Parks Authority announced the analysis result of characteristics of visitors to Bukhansan National Park, to which more than 7 million people visit on an annual basis.


○ The Authority made a moving route analysis of 300 people using GPS(Global Positioning System) and did a questionnaire survey of 400 people from September, 2013 until March in 2014 in a bid to analyze the characteristics of the visitors to Bukhansan.


○ The analysis result showed that the most popular section at Bukhansan National Park is in the order of the one from the entrance to Dobongsan~Madan Rock~ Shinseondae~Darak Ridge~entrance to Dobongsan(5.4km, 3 hrs and 33 minutes required), and the next is from the entrance to Bukhansanseong Fortress~Borisa~Wimun(4.1km, 2hrs and 33 minutes required), followed by Jeoneung~Bogukmun(2.2km, 1 hr and 44 minutes required).


○ A day’s hiking distance for visitors was found to be 6.9km and the average stay time there was 3 hours and 40 minutes.


○The representative shelters on major ridges where visitors take a rest for more than 20 minutes were identified to be Nahanbong, Wonhyobong, Bagundae, Ohbonggalim-gil, and Eunseogam, etc.


In addition, men were found to account for as much as 68.3% of the hikers of Bukhansan, which is more than double the number of women hikers; by age groups, it was found that those in their 50s were the most, and even the elderly group of over 60 of age accounted for as much as 32.7%. However, the younger generation, who visited Bukhansan, was found to account for no more than 10.4%.