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Title The number of visitors to Korea National Park goes up to 47million in 2013
Created By Knps Date 03.03.2014

Bukhansan records the highest number of visitors of 7,150 thousand, followed by Hanryeo-haesang with 6,700 thousand visitors, Mudeungsan with 3,970 thousand visitors, Seoraksan with 3,360 thousand visitors, Gyeongju with 3,150 thousand visitors and Jirisan with 2,800 thousand visitors.

October records the highest number of visitors with 6,910  thousand people which accounts for 15% of total number of visitors during the whole year. February records the fewest number of visitors with 1,800 thousand people, accounting only for 4% of the total number of visitors.

We count the number of visitor by using auto-sensor at main entrance of the terrestrial national parks, and for island-area like Hanryeo-haesang, we count the number of passengers on the ship.