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Title Prohibition on trails during Forest Fire Watch in 2014
Created By Knp Date 02.19.2014

Korea National Park Service prohibits some trails to prevent forest fire and protect wildlifes during Forest Fire Watch from 15th Feb.


During the season, entry into 142 trails(665㎞) is prohibited entirely, however, other 443 trails(1,193㎞) are open to the public.


The Forest Fire Watch starts from 15th Feb to 30th May. The period can be varied according to national park in reflection of rainfall and snowfall, therefore, we would like to recommend you check the announcement on the web-site in advance you visit the national park.





Jirisan, Hanryeo-haesang, Dadohae haesang, Weol-chulsan , Mudeungsan

Mar.1st ~Apr.30th

Gyeryongsan, Sokrisan, Naejangsan, Gayasan,

Deogyusan, Juwangsan, Woraksan, Sobaeksan, Byeonsanbando

Mar.1st ~May.15th

Seoraksan, Odaesan, Chiaksan, bughansan


It is prohibited to bring inflammables or smoke in Natural Parks and crackdown on those illegal activities such as smoking, entry into prohibited trails will be harder during the season.