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Title Holding an International Workshop for the IUCN Green List
Created By Knp Date 02.13.2014


Date:  30th(Mon.)Sep.  ~ 2nd (Wed) Oct. 2013
Venue: Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Participants: 30 including facilitators - representatives of case study countries, GLI Core Group and Development Team, National Reference Group members, and other experts.
- to achieve a common understanding of the IUCN Green List Initiative vision and goals
- to develop a programme of work that allows each jurisdiction to proceed at their pace and context, networked and sharing experiences amongst all partners.
- to agree on the steps involved to set global and contextual standards and criteria
- to discuss the processes of nomination and evaluation for the IUCN Green List


The IUCN Green List of well-managed protected areas including National Parks is a new and progressive global initiative that celebrates the success of effective protected areas, and encourages the sharing of that success so that other protected areas can also reach high standards. More effective protected areas lead to greater benefits for humans and nature.


The IUCN Green List will be developed from 2012 to 2014, with a full launch scheduled for the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia. A number of partners have already joined the pilot phase to help test and refine the process. They include Parques Nacionales Naturales in Colombia, the Korean National Park Service and the CA/TS (Conservation Assured/Tiger Standards) project being carried out by WWF in tiger range countries.