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Title APC_Participation
Created By Knp Date 02.13.2014

The 1st Asia Parks Congress


The first Asia Parks Congress was held in Sendai in Japan from 13.Nov. ~ 17. Nov. 2013. It was the first congress that brought together protected area practitioners in Asia region. As a representative of the Republic of Korea, Chong Chun Kim, Executive Director of National Park Service, attended the congress with 10 rangers from the Service. Amongst many activities, the Service hosted "Dialogue for Better Management of Protected Areas in the Asian Region", which illustrated cooperation vision among Park Agencies from Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. Also the Service shared its best practices and experiences by making 8 presentations in the workshops and making 12 poster presentations.

The outcomes of the congress will be delivered to the 6th World Parks Congress held in Sydney, Australia in November 2014 and the Service plans to actively participate in the World Parks Congress to share and exchange its experiences and knowledges and enhance the cooperative relations and networks with other protected area managers, practitioners and experts.