Korea National Parks


The stories behind the name of Odaesan

When the Silla dynasty fell, crown prince Maui and his followers left the capital.
Seorabeol to regain power later and reached Maseong in Mungyeong where many mysterious mountains and land amazed him. One night, Maui met a Buddhist saint in his dream who said, “you will find a large site reaching the western sky if you cross over a ridge to the west. Build a temple and a Buddha statue there, and create a Buddha sculpture inside the divine peak facing the Big Dipper. Then, you will be able to have mercy on all creatures.”
Princess Deokju also had the same dream that night. They crossed the ridge next day and found a golden sutra on top of a large rock, Maui and his followers built a Buddha statue facing the Big Dipper and carved a Buddha sculpture at the bottom of the peak facing the highest peak. Afterwards, the standing Mireuk statue of the mireungnisaji(Temple site) and the Maaebul of the Deokjusa(Temple) became precious national treasures visited by many people.