Korea National Parks

Flagship Species

  • Drosera rotundifolia   
  • - English Name : Sundew
  • - Habitat : Bogs with lots of sunlight and acid.
  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It has shoehorn-shaped leaves with red hairs on the surface.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    Perennial. An insectivorous plant with leaves that are covered with red hairs at the front and sides so that it can trap and digest insects.

  • - Special Characteristics :

    These plants live in the bogs near Dogapsa Temple in Wolchulsan National Park. They really need to be protected because there are scarce.

  • Dendronanthus indicus   
  • - English Name : Forest Wagtail
  • - Habitat : Forest
  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It has a light greenish-brown color with two white stripes. There is a black ‘T’ pattern on the chest. It constantly wags its tail when sitting down.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    A rare summer migratory bird. While other wagtails live around water, but forest wagtails live in the forests and build a nest on a tree.

  • - Feed : Beetles, grasshoppers, and spiders.
  • - Special Characteristics :

    These birds were found to live in Wolchulsan National Park, but seem to be low in number since it’s not easy to see them. It’s named Mulle (Spinning Wheel) Bird in Korean because it makes the sound similar to the sound of a spinning wheel that’s used to spin cotton thread from cotton plants in the past.