Korea National Parks


Legends lodged in mystical rocks

Halmi. Harabibawi(Grandmother and grandfather rocks) are a pair of rocks with a sad legend of a wife that turned to stone while yearning for her husband that did not return from war. The pair of rocks are located at Anmyeondo KKotji Beach where the glowing red sunset is counted amongst scenic masterpieces. Sajabawi(Lion rock) is a mystical rock that can be seen over the horizon off from the shores of Sinjindo. Watching it together with the sunrise is as mystic as can be. It has the legend that Sajabawi looks at the far away land of China and protects the Taean Peninsula. Hakbawi(Crane rock) and Dongnimmunbawi (Independence gate rock) have been created by the wind and the wave and one can feel the power of nature and time. The legend with Deokbawi at the Cheongpodae coast is that the turtle from the folktale “The Hare and the Turtle:” turned to stone when he couldn’t return to the undersea palace.