Korea National Parks

a number of precious cultural properties such as Palsangjeon, Seogyeonji, and Ssangsajaseok. There are also beautiful gorges like Hwayangdong Gorge, Seonyudong Gorge, and Ssanggok Gorge. The ‘Jeongipumsong’, a pine tree given the second grade official rank by King Sejo, is the symbol of this park.

Participation Procedure

Keep the national park clean

  • Period :
    2009.3.1 ~ 2009.11.30
    Time :
    1 Day 5 Hours
    For :
    Individuals, families, and groups
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Pick up trash on hiking trails

    - Encourage people not to litter

Here we are! We’re the guardians of the Baekdu Mountain Range!

  • Period :
    2009.4.1 ~ 2009.10.31
    Time :
    3 Hours a Day
    For :
    Individuals & Groups
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Campaign to stop people from entering the entrance to the Baekdu Mountain Range and byroads

    - Teach those who use byroads

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