Korea National Parks


  • Songnisan National Park was designated as the 6th national park in Korea in 1970 and was called “Second Geumgang” or “Sogeumgang( Small Geumgang)” because of its spectacular beauty.
    This rocky mountain is located across many areas in Chungbuk and Gyeongbuk provinces and spans across a total area of 274.541㎢. The main peaks Cheonwangbong, Birobong, and Munjangdae are connected along the baekdudaegan mountain ranges (Backbone of Korea) with well developed stone peaks and ridges.
    Songnisan is connected to other adjacent mountains, and based around Cheonwangbong (1,058m) in the south, eight peaks are stretched out like a bow including Birobong, Munjangdae, and Gwaneumbong.

    Songnisan has Natural Treasures such as the jeongipumsong(The pine having the position of the second grade in an official post), Otter, Flying squirrel, and Mandarin duck,. In addition, there are many bird species that are designated for the purpose of protection by the Ministry of Environment as well as endangered animals such as the Small-eared cat and Marten,. Moreover, a variety of native fish species live in the streams flowing into Geumgang, Nakdonggang, and Hangang.

Songnisan National Park map