Korea National Parks

Flagship Species

  • Berchemia berchemiaefolia   
  • - English Name : Korean Berchemia
  • : Endangered wildlife species Grade-II. The natural habitat for them in Songnisan and Sadam-ri was designated as Natural Monument No. 207 and No. 266, respectively.

  • - Habitat :

    Chungcheongbuk-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do (i.e. Songnisan, Woraksan and Juwangsan Mountains)

  • - Shape Characteristics :

    Oval-shaped leaves have gentle waves at the edge.

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    They grow mostly on rocky areas. The trees are used to make farming tools and for wood fuel.

  • - Special Characteristics :

    The follower is beautiful. The leaves turn yellow in fall. A very rare species.

  • Pteromys volans   
  • - English Name : Siberian Flying Squirrel
  • : Endangered wildlife species Grade-II. Designated as Natural Monument No. 328

  • - Habitat : wooded areas throughout Korea
  • - Shape Characteristics :

    The body is 15–16 cm long. A distinctive feature is the furry glide membrane, a flap of skin that stretches between the front and rear legs. By spreading this membrane, it may glide from tree to tree. On the ground, it moves on all fours

  • - Ecological Characteristics :

    Young ones live in a hole dug out by woodpeckers or manmade nests. Some of them make their nests. A nocturnal animal, they sleep in a tree hole during the day. They do not hibernate.

  • - Feed : pine nuts, acorns, fruits, tree sprouts
  • - Special Characteristics :

    The number is gradually decreasing.