Korea National Parks

Flagship Species

  • Megaleranthis saniculifolia   
  • : a local specialty of Korea

  • - Shape Characteristics :

    The perennial plant sprouts in stubbles. Leaves come from the root of the plant and are divided into three parts at the end, a long leafstalk may be split into 2 to 3 parts again.

  • - Special Characteristics:

    The largest group of them in the country is found in the Sobaeksan National Park.

  • Zacco koreanus   
  • - Habitat :

    streams flowing into the West Sea, such as the Imjingang, Hangang, Geumgang and Mangyeonggang Rivers, and those flowing into the East Sea, such as the Nakdonggang River

  • - Shape Characteristics :

    It has a relatively large head. When the spawning period approaches, the side and the bottom of the male’s body turns yellowish and orange color, respectively, and a hard process is formed around the mouth. The upper side of its dorsal fin is colored white or yellow, while that of Zacco temminckii is red.

  • - Special Characteristics :

    In 2005, the name Zacco koreanus was attached to it, to distinguish it from Zacco temminckii. It is found in mid- or upstream, where the water flow is gentle.

  • - Feed :

    aquatic worms and seaweeds affixed to the stream bottom or rock surfaces