Korea National Parks

Volunteer Services

Odaesan Mountain is divided into Woljeongsa Temple District with many cultural properties and Sogeumgan River District with beautiful strangely shaped rocks. The forest path leading to the entrance to Woljeongsa Temple is flanked by fir trees that are beautiful throughout the four seasons, and the National Treasures and Cultural Properties at Woljeongsa Temple and Sangwonsa Temple make the trip more enjoyable. National Road No. 6 between Jingogae Pass and Sogeumgang River District near East Sea is a great driving course on which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Participation Procedure

Protect the animals and plants in the national park

  • Period :
    2009.4.1 ~ 2009.11.30
    Time :
    3 Hours a Day
    For :
    Individuals and groups
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Monitoring and removal of harmful foreign animals and plants within the park

    - Removal of poaching tools

Clean up the national park

  • Period :
    2009.3.1 ~ 2009.11.30
    Time :
    4 Hours a Day
    For :
    Individuals & Groups
    Main Activities (Individuals & Groups)

    - Clean up hiking trails and gorges

    - Clean facilities

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