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The stories behind the name of Odaesan

There are many stories of how Odaesan got its name. The first one is that ‘Odaesan (Big Five)” was named after its five peaks; Birobong, Dongdaesan, Durobong, Sangwangbong , and Horyeongbong,. The second is that it was named after its five temples; Gwaneumam(East), Sujeongam(West), Jijangam(South), Mireukam(North), and Sajaam(Center). And the last is that it was named after Cheongryangsan in China which had the nickname Odaesan.
Jajangyulsa, a monk of the Silla dynasty, studied in China and upon his return he arrived at this mountain which he named Odaesan, because it looked so similar to where he had studied in China