Korea National Parks


  • Designated as the 11th national park in Korea in 1975, Odaesan National Park is divided by Baekdudaegan(Mountain range known as the backbone of Korea) into the Woljeongsa district and Sogeumgang district.
    Odaesan is spread out across Gangneung-si, Hongcheon-gun, and Pyeongchang-gun in Gangwon-do(Province) over a total area of 303.929㎢, and based around the highest peak Birobong which stands at 1,536m above sea level, Dongdaesan(1,434m), Durobong(1,422m), Sangwangbong(1,491m), and Horyeongbong(1,561m) stand together like a giant folding screen. To the east, stands Noinbong(1,338m) all alone with the magnificent Sogeumgang(Valley) running below. Most of Odaesan’s peaks are flat ant the slopes are slow which are common characteristics of dirt mountains in Korea.

    There are a total of 3,788 animal and plant species living in Odaesan National Park. Odaesan has 1.040 plant species which include 30 native Korean species and for animals, there are 28 mammal species, 103 bird species, 13 amphibian species, 12 reptile species, 35 fish species, 1,976 insect species, 157 spider species, and 147 benthic macro invertebrate species.

Odaesan National Park map