Korea National Parks


  • Naejangsan National Park was designated as the 8th national park in Korea in 1971. It is one of the five representative mountains on Honam, as well as one of the eight most beautiful places in Korea.
    Located in Honamjeongmaek(Branch range) linked with Baekdudaegan(Backbone of Korea), Naejangsan National Park consists of Naejangsan, Baegamsan, and Ibamsan districts and the total area is 81.7㎢.
    With Sinseonbong(763m) being its highest peak, Naejangsan is not that high with peak s averaging at about 700m , but each peak has its own unique rock formation which gives this mountain the nickname, “Geumgang of Honam.”
    Naejangsan was originally named “Yeongeunsan” after its main temple, Yeongeunsa, but was later changed to “Naejangsan”(Nae: inside, Jang: concealed) because of the many wonders hidden within the mountain.

    Naejangsan National Park has native flora such as the Muscle tree, Alien oak, Mongolian oak, Giant dogwood, and Maple and is the northern limit for the autogenous growth of southern plants such as the Nutmeg tree and Sloumi, A total of 919 plants species are reported,. As for the animal species, there are a total of 1,880 animal species including 12 endangered species such as the Small-eared cat and Yellow-necked marten.

Naejangsan National Park map