Korea National Parks

Mudeungsan National Park is located in Gwangju City (Mudeungsan Office) and Hwasun․Damyang (Mudeungsan Dongbu Office) and it has the highest peak of Mudeungsan in Cheonwang-bong as well as Ipseokdae․Seoseokdae and so forth to make magnificent Jusangjeoli. It is intended to practice Mudeungsan Love through the volunteer service participation and enhance the protective awareness of national parks as well as expanding the supporter base.

Participation Procedure

Mudeungsan voluntary service (Mudeungsan)

  • Place :
    Mudeungsan National Park area
    Period :
    All year (group) weekend (individual)
    Subject :
    Elementary school student or older
    Time :
    10:00~12:00 AM
    13:00~17:00 PM
    Main activities

    - Environment purification activities in the park

    - Removal of foreign plants in the park

    - Monitoring of facilities in the park

    - Operation of park friends program

    - Building up the Mudeungsan ecology culture garden

Making Mudeungsan Love (Eastern part of Mudeungsan)

  • Place :
    Hiking Route in the Park
    Period :
    Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31, 2015
    Subject :
    Time :
    Once a month (8 hours)
    Main activities

    - Survey of park resource and removel of foreign plants

    - Ecology restoration and other advisory activities

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