Korea National Parks


Gwangseokdae - Munbawie

Gwangseokdae has a rock that contains interesting legend. It is called as ‘Munbawie’. This Munbawie has the story related to General Kim Deok-ryeong, leader of civilian army, during the Imjin Japanese Invasion that Munbawie was the area where General Kim Deok-ryeong was training on his horse. One day, General Kim Deok-ryeong was on his beloved white horse to come up to Munbawie and spoke to its white horse.
“If I do something great, the horse has to be great as well. I will shoot my arrow toward that rock in Hwasun Cheonggung Village and run. You will have to get there before the bow, otherwise I will cut your head off!”and the surprised white horse nodded. The distance from Munbawie to Cheonggung Rock was 8km of distance. The white horse ran like a lightening to reach to the rock in a second. But when they arrived Deok-ryeong, there was no arrow in sight. Deokryeong, thought the arrow already landed on the land, pull out the sword and struck the head of the white horse as mentioned earlier. But at the same time, where was a sound of splitting the air and came the arrow then. It was a moment of time.. Deok-ryeong picked up the arrow and head of the white horse to regret his hasty decision and lack of sincerity.
From then on, the rock in Cheonggung was called as "Salbawie', meaning of a place where the arrow dropped. As such, Gwangseokdae has long legend even for its rock.