Korea National Parks


  • Mudeungsan National Park was designated as a provincial park (May 22, 1972) and further designated as the national park number 21 on March 4, 2013. It is located in Gwangju City (Buk-gu and Dong-gu) and Jeollanam-do (Hwasun and Damyang) and the size of the entire area is 75.425㎢. Mudeungsan has the implications as ‘a mountain uncomparably high and large’, ‘a mountain unable to render a grade’, and ‘complete equality without a grade’.

    Mudeungsan National Park has outstanding eco-system where there are endangered species habitation, such as, otter, flying squirrel, Lindera sericea and so forth and there are Ipseokdae and Seoseokdae situated on over 1,000m of elevation as the highest location from pillar-shaped joints of Korea to be designated as Matural Monument No. 465 with extremely high conservation value.

Mudeungsan National Park map